Accordion Shutters


Accordion shutters are permanently installed for year round protection. They are convenient, and easily closed within minutes. They lock from the inside or outside for increased security and protection. Accordions are made of aluminum and should be cleaned and lubricated yearly. Accordion shutters are considered one of the strongest shutters available. Exclusive Clear Lexan blades are available which allows light in and enable you to look outside, before, during, and after the hurricane (contact us for details & pricing). Available in white, ivory, beige and bronze finish. Our system has versatility, strength, and durability. The heavy duty center closing system contains a mortise locking system that is accessible from inside or outside the home.

Features & Benefits:
  • Reduces inventory
  • Its design improves tolerances
  • Improved fit and appearance
  • Rapid response to storm threats – closes quickly to protect your opening in the event of a storm.
  • Convenience – no more putting up, taking down, or storing panels.
  • No storage space needed – permanent installation of accordion shutters frees up valuable storage space.
  • Provides added security with the choice of either inside or outside locking mechanisms.
  • Available in colors of White, Ivory, Beige, and Bronze.
  • Unobstructed View – in the open position the accordion is stacked to both sides which offers a full view.
  • Energy-efficient – In closed or semi-closed positions, accordions reflect the sun’s harsh rays and provide shade.
  • Privacy – In the closed position the accordion shutter restricts the ability to see into the opening.
  • Increases value of your property- Permanent hurricane protection is seen as an upgrade to your property.
  • Minimal Maintenance- aluminum construction needs only occasional washing as needed and regularly scheduled lubrication of plastic rollers and locking mechanism with a silicon-based product.
  • Building code approved.


What to expect when purchasing from First Alert Hurricane Shutters, Windows & Wholesale.

After your purchase is complete, you will be contacted within 48 hours by one of our design team members. They will discuss your purchase with you prior to going into manufacturing. We may request pictures or drawings of the openings that you are looking to protect in order to ensure a proper build. After verification details are discussed, we will send to you a job overview, which will include the specifics of your product for you to approve. Once the Job Overview is approved, your order will go into production. If you select that you would like to pick up your order, we will contact you when your order is ready for pick up. We will schedule with you the best day and time so when you arrive, your order is staged and ready for our staff to assist in loading it for you. If you select to have your order shipped, we will contact you to discuss boxing/crating and shipping costs (based on the weight, size and location to be shipped).


“We guarantee competitive pricing with quicker delivery”