5 Steps for Getting a “Hurricane Shutter” Discount on Palm Beach Homeowners Insurance

Hurricane windHomeowners in Palm Beach already know about the multiple benefits of having hurricane shutters. Not only can a high-quality set of shutters add safety and security for you and your family, but they come with a few less obvious advantages as well.

For instance, South Florida residents in Palm Beach County can save a significant amount on homeowners insurance if they buy the right kind of hurricane shutters, have a proper inspection, and document both the installation and inspection with their insurance company.

Anyone who wants to gain the maximum benefit of having hurricane shutters should consider the following steps:

One: Comparison Shopping Makes Sense

Not all shutters are the same. That’s why it’s essential for Palm Beach residents to be diligent about finding shutters that get the job done when it comes to storm safety and security, but also work with a seller who has installation experience and a solid reputation in the community.

The goal: identify a reputable seller who offers competitive pricing on a wide selection of shutters and is willing to document everything for insurance purposes. As every homeowner discovers, when it comes to obtaining insurance discounts, it’s imperative to get everything in writing and maintain a “paper trail” of your every action.

Two: Connect With the Right Insurer

If you’re getting ready to purchase your first home, or are open to changing insurers, remember that it’s just as important to shop for insurance companies as it is for storm protection.

That’s because some carriers offer heftier discounts on premiums to people who install storm protection features like shutters, shatter-resistant glass, concrete block barriers, and more.

Personal safety and security are worthy goals for any homeowner, but it’s smart to work with an insurance company that offers financial rewards in the form of lower monthly premiums.

Three: Hire a Certified Inspector

Check licenses of any inspectors you are considering for the job of documenting your home’s storm protection features. Every insurance company will ask to see the inspection report, and if it hasn’t been done by a certified individual, then you will have wasted both time and money. Follow the general rule of getting everything in writing.

Palm Beach homeowners can usually get a comprehensive storm inspection for approximately $100. In most situations, you’ll only need to have one inspection in a given five-year period. However, for the purpose of maximizing security and safety, many owners choose to get their homes inspected more frequently than that.

Four: Notify Your Insurance Carrier

Never assume that your insurance representative will magically know what steps you’ve taken to protect your property. Always take the active step of calling an agent and explaining what you’ve done and inquiring how soon the premium discount will show up on your monthly statement.

Five: Check Legal Details

Check with county officials as well as your insurance carrier to make certain that your hurricane shutters meet the minimum requirements for local building codes. In some Palm Beach locations, for instance, both commercial and residential buildings must have not only hurricane shutters but other construction features that minimize damage from winds as high as 175 MPH.

Of course, you want to satisfy all legal requirements, but it’s also wise to do whatever makes sense in terms of security and safety of your dwelling place and family members.

Document Everything

Record-keeping can be something of an inconvenience, but it’s the single most important part of the process. Getting a reduced insurance premium takes a bit of planning, phone calling, and follow up, but in the end, the effort pays off in the form of long-term savings on the cost of homeowners insurance.